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My name is Eve.
I'm a seamstress and fabricator from Quebec, Canada.  I started costuming in 2012 with my friends when we were still buying our costumes online.  Seeing all the lovely things people were making with their own hands made me want to learn. So I set out on a journey of trial and error, and studying closely the work of the pros in both tutorials and in photos.

In 2013 my mother helped me by sewing my costumes and I practiced making a few things myself. 

In 2014 I tried my luck at armor making.  Ever since then I fell in love with making and wearing armors.  I started out using thermoplastics and eventually expanded my knowledge to EVA foam as well.

In 2015 I finally learned to sew and began to make everything on my costumes myself, even sometimes shoes.

Since 2016 I've grown as a costumer and I've done more commissions.  I've expanded my knowledge on the materials I already knew and learned a thing or two about other techniques like casting, wig work, and LED work. 

My goals as a costumer are to help others learn, perfect my craft, do commissions,  and offer my presence at conventions doing panels, workshops and judging contests.

On my Youtube channel you'll find tutorials of all sorts, from walkthroughs, to sewing and fabrication.  You can also watch my work LIVE on Twitch where I can answer questions and show my process.